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  Raykhel, Ilya's Publications (detailed list)

THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED. Click here for our new publications list, which is more up-to-date.

This page contains the titles and abstracts of papers written by author Raykhel, Ilya, a member of the BYU Neural Networks and Machine Learning (NNML) Research Group. Postscript files are available for most papers. A more concise list is available.

To view the entire list in one page, click here.

Real-time Automatic Price Prediction for eBay Online Trading

  • Authors: Ilya Raykhel and Dan Ventura
  • Abstract: We develop a system for attribute-based prediction of final (online) auction pricing, focusing on the eBay laptop category. The system implements a feature-weighted k-NN algorithm, using evolutionary computation to determine feature weights, with prior trades used as training data. The resulting average prediction error is 16%. Mostly automatic trading using the system greatly reduces the time a reseller needs to spend on trading activities, since the bulk of market research is now done automatically with the help of the learned model. The result is a 562% increase in trading efficiency (measured as profit/hour).
  • Reference: In Proceedings of the Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference, pages 135–140, July 2009.
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  • Download the file: pdf

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