Your current scores are available online through the Blackboard system.

Once logged into Blackboard, you should see a "Tools" menu with one of the options being "View Grades". Click this link, then select CS 478 from the available list.

Alternatively, you could choose the CS 478 link in the "My Courses" menu. Clicking this link will display a menu at left with an item called "View Grades".

Appealing or Correcting Grades

If you find an error, or feel you have cause to appeal a grade received, follow these directions from the syllabus:

“Appealing grades on assignments and on tests begins with you. Make an effort to understand why you received the score that you did and make sure that you have a good reason to appeal. If after making these efforts, you still feel like you have a concern, the next step is to calmly and intelligently discuss it with TA. If after taking both of these steps you still are not satisfied, come see me.”

Please let me know if these instructions can be more helpful, or if you have trouble checking your scores.