Ged2Ped Utility

         +- Francis Fennel WILSON, (1827 - 1910); b. Jackson Co., GA; d. Jackson Co., GA
      +- Columbus Valentine WILSON, (1857 - 1934); b. Maysville, Jackson, GA; d. Maysville, Jackson, GA
      |  +- Mahulda Ann GARRISON, (1828 - 1906); b. Banks Co., GA; d. Maysville, Jackson, GA
   +- Collie Bryan WILSON, (1898 - 1984); b. Maysville, Jackson, GA; d. Eugene, Lane, OR
   |  |  +- John Wesley MCDONALD, (1854 - 1901); b. Jackson Co., GA; d. Pendergrass, Jackson, GA
   |  +- Temperance Angenetta MCDONALD, (1876 - 1956); b. Pendergrass, Jackson, GA; d. Maysville, Jackson, GA
   |     +- Sarah Vasti PARKS, (1858 - 1892); b. GA; d. Pendergrass, Jackson, GA
+- Robert Edward WILSON, (1933 -  ); b. Bartlesville, Washington, OK
|  |     +- Carlo Briton GRAY, (1844 - 1930); b. Harlan Co., KY; d. Bartlesville, Washington, OK
|  |  +- James Kay Polk GRAY, (1869 - 1965); b. Powell's Valley, Lee, VA; d. Bartlesville, Washington, OK
|  |  |  +- Matilda Josephine BALL, (1848 - 1924); b. Lee Co., VA; d. Middlesboro, Harlan, KY
|  +- Gladys Louise GRAY, (1904 - 1981); b. Bartlesville, Washington, OK; d. Eugene, Lane, OR
|     |  +- Timothy Sullen SPEAKS, (1847 - 1936); b. Claiborn Co., Tennessee; d. Stella, Newton, MO
|     +- Salina Cordelia SPEAKS, (1873 - 1963); b. Boone's Path, Lee, VA; d. Bartlesville, Washington, OK
|        +- Orleana Virginia POWELL, (1852 - 1921); b. Claiborne Co., TN; d. Stella, Newton, MO
David Randall WILSON, (1967 -  ); b. Berkeley, Alameda, CA
|        +- Marriner Wood MERRILL, (1832 - 1906); b. Sackville, Westmoreland, New Brunswick, Canada; d. Richmond, Cache, UT
|     +- Louis Edgar MERRILL, (1870 - 1956); b. Richmond, Cache, UT; d. Downey, Bannock, UT
|     |  +- Sarah Ann ATKINSON, (1834 - 1915); b. Sackville, Westmoreland, New Brunswick, Canada; d. Richmond, Cache, UT
|  +- Malcolm Hendricks MERRILL, (1903 - 1987); b. Richmond, Cache, UT; d. Walnut Creek, Contra Costa, CA
|  |  |  +- William Dorris HENDRICKS, (1829 - 1909); b. Franklin, Simpson, KY; d. Richmond, Cache, UT
|  |  +- Clara HENDRICKS, (1873 - 1873); b. Richmond, Cache, UT; d. Richmond, Cache, UT
|  |     +- Almira DAVENPORT, (1847 - 1928); b. Winter Quarters, Iowa; d. Richmond, Cache, UT
+- Thelma Jean MERRILL, (1940 -  ); b. San Francisco, S.F., CA
   |     +- David Oscar HOLDAWAY, (1832 - 1907); b. Hawking Co., TN; d. provo, Utah, UT
   |  +- Thomas Teancum HOLDAWAY, (1857 - 1945); b. provo, Utah, UT; d. Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT
   |  |  +- Elizabeth Amanda PRATER, (1828 - 1828); d. Park City, UT
   +- Thelma Myrl HOLDAWAY, (1904 -  ); b. Vernal, Uintah, UT
      |  +- Henry WHITE, (1820 - 1892); b. London, Middlesex, England; d. provo, Utah, UT
      +- Mary Eliza WHITE, (1860 - 1911); b. provo, Utah, UT; d. provo, Utah, UT
         +- Emma SAUNDERS, (1840 -  ); b. Homs, Newbridge, Eling Parish, Southhampton, England
Ged2Ped is a utility that creates ancestor overview pedigree charts of someone in a GEDCOM file. It takes a GEDCOM file as input, scans it for relationship information, decides which individuals are ancestors of the root person (#1 by default, but can be anyone), then outputs a text file (to standard out, so redirect it to the file you want) containing a pedigree chart with one person per line, and that person's birth and death year, and birth and death place.

One limitation is that this code assumes that cross-reference pointers are of the form '@I123@' for individual #123, and uses such numbers for a variety of indexing.

This utility handles duplicate ancestors by repeating the second occurance of an ancestor and placing a note ("[See above]") following their name. The remaining ancestors of such a duplicate are NOT repeated, which is why the person really should 'see above.'

HTML Format & Hyperlinks to ged2html Output

This utility will also output the text file in html format by using the -h flag. Basically all this does is add header and footer records, use the preformatted mode for the chart, and use bold for the names.

In addition, the '-l' flag will add hyperlinks from each name to the proper individual in a collection of html individual records generated by the ged2html program by Gene Stark.

Just use '-l INDIV' where 'INDIV' is the name of the directory (relative to where this overview chart will be) that contains the D0001, D0002, etc. directories. This program will scan each of those directories in order to find out which directory each individual is in, so 'INDIV' also needs to be that directory relative to where you're running this program from. Therefore, it's best to have the executable sitting in the same place where you're going to want your overview charts to be.

Unfortunately, I took a short cut and assumed that the individual cross-reference identifiers would be of the form 'I#' where '#' is the number of the individual, since this is the case with my GEDCOM files which were generated with PAF. It wouldn't be too much more difficult to have it just store the actual cross-ref. names and look them up, but I'll wait until someone needs that done (and then maybe tell them to do it! ;)

Ged2Ped is Copyright (C) 1996 by Randy Wilson. You are free to use this program for your personal use, but please contact me before using it for any commercial product or use. Also, I would appreciate hearing about any modifications and improvements that are made to this code.

Shift-click to download the 'C' source code (ged2ped.c), or to get the 32-bit PC command-line executable (ged2ped32.exe). (There's also a DOS executable (ged2ped.exe) which may have bugs.)
See my Genealogy page for an example of this program's output.
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