1.           Harassment


Harassment of any kind is inappropriate at BYU.  Specifically, BYU's policy against sexual harassment extends not only to employees of the university but to students as well.  If you encounter sexual harassment, gender-based discrimination, or other inappropriate behavior, please talk to your professor, contact the Equal Employment Office at 422-5895 or 367-5689, or contact the Honor Code Office at 422-2847.


2.           Disabilities


BYU is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to qualified persons with disabilities.  If you have any disability that may adversely affect your success in this course, please contact the University Accessibility Center at 422-2767.  Services deemed appropriate will be coordinated with the student and instructor by that office.


3.           Children in the Classroom


The serious study of the physical and mathematical sciences requires uninterrupted concentration and focus in the classroom. Having small children in class is often a distraction that degrades the educational experience for the entire class. Please make other arrangements for child care rather than bringing children to class with you. If there are extenuating circumstances, please talk with your instructor in advance.