CS 678 – Winter 2019 Deep Learning Presentations Schedule


Each talk is 12 minutes followed by 2-3 minutes for questions

A hardcopy version of your write-up is due at the beginning of class on the day that you present!


April 11
Conner Christopherson and Yajing Zhao - GRU (Gated Recurrent Networks)
Danny Allen and Mike Whitney - SqueezeNet
Evan Peterson and Tim Whiting - WGAN
Garret Lingard and David Van Komen - Deep Q-learning - Atari
Piper Armstrong, Fearn Wilson and Michael Richards - Attentional LSTMs

April 16
Stephen Cowley and DJ Passey - Stacked Auto Encoders with Images
Jack Demke, Chandra Goodell and Robert Morain - Residual Networks
Michael DeBuse, Jacob Kullberg and Humphrey Leung - Neural Ordinary Differential Equations
Brandon Bingham and Brian James - LSTM