CS 478 Group Project Teams – Winter 2016



Joseph Blodgett

Edwards Bentz

Justin Rasband


Darin Costello

Emily Morgan

Heather Turnbow

Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Isaac Kurth

Isai Mercado

Bobby Swingler

IPA Vowel Mapping

Cory Finlinson

Andy Hansen

Meilan Jin

Fluid Dynamics

Sean Flynn

Jeremy Oborn

Javid Pack


Steven Barnett

Grant Hodgson

Eric Romrell

Fight Club

Daniel Espinoza

Daniel Ribble

Chao Wang

LiarŐs Dice

Danny North

Bryce Perkins

Huy Pham

Profanity Predictor

Patrick Hammond

Curt Merrell

Aaron Monson


Spencer Bench

Levi Rodriguez

Justin Snyder

Jessie Young

Colorizing Images

Jacob Holloway

Matt Bray

Jacob Glad

Kevin Reece

Music Generation

Chris Anderson

Chris Belyeu

Daniel Saunders

Russell Smith

Financial Forecasting

Wes Ackerman

Skyler Drennan

Matt Manhardt

Kristian Sims

Box Office Profitability

Joe Eklund

Kevin Johansen

David Olson

Jaryn Seidl


Names are in alphabetical order under each project.  If any of you want to switch teams that is fine.  You just need to find whom you are going to switch with, confirm with them, and then if you both e-mail me or come see me together, I will make the switch.  If any of you are planning to drop or not participate fully in the team project please let me and your teammates know ASAP so that they can plan accordingly.  If you need the e-mail of a group member I can give it to you.