CS 470 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Winter 1998  - TuTh 1:35pm-2:50pm, 373 MARB, Section 1
URL:  http://axon.cs.byu.edu/~martinez/classes/470
Professor:  Tony Martinez ,  3366 TMCB,  378-6464, martinez@cs.byu.edu
Office Hours: TuTh 3:00-3:50pm or by appointment
TA:  Tim Andersen,  2220 TMCB, 378-3877, tim@axon.cs.byu.edu
Office Hours: M 10:30-11:30, 1:30-2:30,  W 2:30-3:30, Th 10:00-11:00

Prerequisites:  CS252, CS330, CS312

Course Description:  Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.  This course introduces and studies the core areas of artificial intelligence.  Coverage includes intelligent agents, problem solving and search, knowledge based systems and inference, planning, uncertainty, learning, and perception.

Text:  Artificial Intelligence:  A Modern Approach, Russell and Norvig.  We will cover most of the text. The order of reading is on the schedule and the assigned sections must be read before the class lecture. The lecture will cover topics from the reading where additional help, emphasis, and extensions beyond the text are deemed valuable.  Time will not always allow complete coverage of all aspects of the reading, but you are still expected to read and understand the text.  You will be responsible for all text information from assigned reading, except where specifically noted, on examinations.  To help motivate reading I will pass around a sheet each day for you to mark whether you have done a complete and careful reading, a partial reading, or no reading.  A complete and careful reading counts for 2 points, partial - 1 point, none - 0 points.  Each day you will mark if you have done the reading for the lecture to be given that day.  The grading will be non-linear such that missing one or two readings does not hurt much, but it picks up fast after that.

Homework:  Homework will be assigned with most lectures.  Homework questions will come from the text and will be due at the beginning of the following class period.

Programming Assignments:  There will be three programming assignments covering major themes of the class.  You are to do your own work (although you can discuss approaches with your classmates).  The TA will pass off your assignments at the computer and you will also hand in your documented code with a short discussion of the work done.

Examinations:  There will be a midterm and a final exam.  The final is comprehensive with emphasis on topics not covered on the midterm.

Lateness:  Homework and assignments get 5% off if not handed in at classtime and lose another 5% for each day late thereafter.  There are no free late days.  However, if you have a good reason for lateness (sickness, etc., something unique from the typical problems of the rest of your fellow students) then you will receive no late penalty.  Just come see the TA about it.  Please hand in late homework to the TA.   Nothing will be accepted after the last day of this class.

Grading:  Grading will be on a curve.  Approximate breakdown is Reading (10%), Midterm (23%), Final (27%), Programming Assignments (25%), Homework (15%).

If you have a question or concern regarding class topics or the grading of your homework or examinations, first talk with the TA.  If your concern is about grading take a moment to think out the problem first and have a good argument for your appeal.  If you still feel that justice has not been done after working with the TA, come see me.