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Midi Jukebox

Midi Jukebox is a shareware program I wrote to play Midi files on a Macintosh while providing fun animation. See the Midi Jukebox Home Page for information on downloading it.


For an in-depth look at MIDI, see the MIDI Home Page.

There is a huge archive at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, which contains lots of MIDI files which can be downloaded and played on any system that supports MIDI. It also has lots of documentation about MIDI and several MIDI programs for different platforms. MidiJeff has a collection of original songs, and there's a new archive at Maple.nis.net (which is often busy). A list of Music Industry Contacts is available.

Some sites relating to MIDI programming on the Mac include:

Other Midi-related Links

Computer Music Newsgroups

Several newsgroups relating to MIDI and Computer Music are:


Roland U20

Folk Music:

I also play folk music and other stuff on the guitar. The Digital Tradition is an on-line database of lots of folk songs, with the capability to display and play the music to some songs.

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