Randy Wilson's Publications

This page contains the titles and abstracts of publications of D. Randall Wilson. Postscript files are available for most papers. Papers by other members of the Neural Network & Machine Learning (NNML) research group are also available.

The General Inefficiency of Batch Training for Gradient Descent Learning

Reduction Techniques for Exemplar-Based Learning Algorithms

An Integrated Instance-Based Learning Algorithm

Improved Heterogeneous Distance Functions

Prototype Classifier Design with Pruning

Advances in Instance-Based Learning Algorithms

The Need for Small Learning Rates on Large Problems,

The Inefficiency of Batch Training for Large Training Sets,

Combining Cross-Validation and Confidence to Measure Fitness

A Neural Model of Centered Tri-gram Speech Recognition

The Robustness of Relaxation Rates in Constraint Satisfaction Networks

Instance Pruning Techniques

Improved Center Point Selection for Probabilistic Neural Networks

Real-Valued Schemata Search Using Statistical Confidence

Heterogeneous Radial Basis Function Networks

Bias and the Probability of Generalization

Value Difference Metrics for Continuously Valued Attributes

Instance-Based Learning with Genetically Derived Attribute Weights

Prototype Styles of Generalization

The Importance of Using Multiple Styles of Generalization

The Potential of Prototype Styles of Generalization

Method and Apparatus for Signal Classification Using a Multilayer Network

Beyond GEDCOM: Modeling Genealogical Source Record Data

Personal Digital Preservation: Issues and Approaches

Beyond Probabilistic Record Linkage: Using Neural Networks and Complex Features to Improve Genealogical Record Linkage

Genealogical Record Linkage: Features for Automated Person Matching

Genealogical Record Linkage on International Data

High-Level View of a Source-Centric Genealogical Model: "The Model with Four Boxes"

Name Standardization for Genealogical Record Linkage

Efficient Genealogy through Personal Extraction and Automated Verification

Bidirectional Source Linking: Doing Genealogy "Once" and "For All"

Graph-Based Remerging of Genealogical Databases

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