CS 478 Group Project Teams – Winter 2015


Language Detection

Brian Campbell

James Raynor

Andrew Stephenson

Colin Thompson

Housing Values

Brian Black

Mychal Calderon

Mario Garcia

Jamie Visker

Chicago Crime

Taylor Bell

Samantha Sanders

Lawrence Thatcher

Curtis Wigington


Nick Clawson

Justin Miller

Trevor Oakes

Gesture Recognition

Keith Halterman

Jae Lee

David Wardell

Alicia Wood

Stock Market

Ryan Baxter

Gavin Eccles

Willard Hagen

Garrett Thornburg

March Madness

Kenny George

Nate McMaster

Scott Oehler

Michael Walker


Spencer Last

Brandon Pickett

Mark Wadsworth

NFL Game Predictor

Jeffrey Angell

Michael Angell

Joseph Lyon

Cell Phone User Classification

Jessica Ampuero

Chris Brown

CJ Campbell

Kevin Hinton


Christopher Almquist

Allen Kim

Parker Michaelson

Person Identifier through Motion

Chris Fortuna

Schuyler Goodman

Daniel Ricks


Kris Alder

Matt Holt

Ryan Palmer

College Basketball

Matt Freeman

Jacob Knudsen

Reed Wilson


Video Game Classifier

Mitch Green

Jordan Handy

Darian Ramage


Names are in alphabetical order under each project.  If any of you want to switch that is fine.  You just need to find whom you are going to switch with, confirm with them, and then if you both e-mail me or come see me together, I will make the switch.  If any of you are planning to drop or not participate fully in the team project please let me and your teammates know asap so that they can plan accordingly.  If you need the e-mail of a group member I can give it to you.