CS 478 Group Project Teams – Winter 2014


Stock Forecasting

Wade Anderson

Ian Baezinger

BJ Nordgren

Basketball Prediction

Jared Forsyth

Andy Wilde

Zach Woodmansee

Predicting Churn

Addison Higham

Tim Price

Braden Condie

English Spanish Translation

Jaysen Draney

Eddy Ekstrom

Willard Hagen

Piano Note Detection

Daniel Gunnell

Dean Lebaron

Sam Turner


Derrick Brinton

Stephen Kitto

Robert Stromberg

Bite Prediction

Mike Brodie

Rob Ivie

Ty Lewis

Settlers of Cataan

Trevor Buckner

David Grimsman

Riley Monson

Brandon Weaver


Chris McNeill

John Nuttall

Isaac Nygard

Crime Rate Detection

Ryan Boyce

Anthony Nunes

Trever Hixson


Names are in alphabetical order under each project.  If any of you want to switch that is fine.  You just need to find who you are going to switch with, confirm with them, and then if you both e-mail me or come see me together, I will make the switch.