Adam's Dutch Oven Ribs

  • Ribs
  • Barbecue Sauce

This is a very simple recipe. It requires a Dutch oven, charcoal, ribs, and barbecue sauce.

Start charcoal. You need twice as many briquettes as the size of the oven. For instance, with a 14" oven, you need 28 briquettes. Add two briquettes if cooking in winter.

Lay ribs in bottom of oven. Cover with barbecue sauce (about 1 bottle for every 5 lbs). If ribs won't all fit on the bottom of the oven, alternate layers of ribs and sauce. Place charcoal on lid and under oven. Place two more briquettes on the top of the oven than under it. Close oven and leave undisturbed for about 2 hours.

Start a new set of charcoal briquettes. While the briquettes are starting, open oven and turn or stir ribs. If liquid is low, add about 1 cup of water. Close oven and add briquettes in the same proportion as the first set. Leave undisturbed for about 1 hour.

Check ribs. If the liquid is very low, add a cup of water. If the liquid is high and watery, leave lid cracked open. Leave oven undisturbed for a final hour.

To serve, place lid on table and oven on lid. (It may be desirable to clear charcoal ash off the top of the lid and wipe off the bottom of the lid.)

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